Friday, April 30, 2010

Fri 100430 Deut 9-10

Deuteronomy 9
9.6 not...because of your righteousness... The fact that we need to be reminded of this is evidence of its truth.
9.16  turned aside so quickly...  Ouch.

9.22  Taberah--Meaning: burning
a place in the wilderness of Paran, where the “fire of the Lord” consumed the murmuring Israelites (Num. 11:3; Deut. 9:22). It was also called Kibroth-hattaavah (q.v.).  --
9.22  Massah  Meaning: trial, temptation
a name given to the place where the Israelites, by their murmuring for want of water, provoked Jehovah to anger against them.  It is also called Meribah (Ex. 17:7; Deut. 6:16; Ps. 95:8, 9; Hebrews 3:8).  --
9.22 Kibroth-hattaavah--Meaning: the graves of the longing or of lust
one of the stations of the Israelites in the wilderness
It was probably in the Wady Murrah, and has been identified with the Erweis el-Ebeirig, where the remains of an ancient encampment have been found, about 30 miles northeast of Sinai, and exactly a day's journey from 'Ain Hudherah.
“Here began the troubles of the journey. First, complaints broke out among the people, probably at the heat, the toil, and the privations of the march; and then God at once punished them by lightning, which fell on the hinder part of the camp, and killed many persons, but ceased at the intercession of Moses (Num. 11:1, 2). Then a disgust fell on the multitude at having nothing to eat but the manna day after day, no change, no flesh, no fish, no high-flavoured vegetables, no luscious fruits… The people loathed the ‘light food,’ and cried out to Moses, ‘Give us flesh, give us flesh, that we may eat.’” In this emergency Moses, in despair, cried unto God. An answer came. God sent “a prodigious flight of quails, on which the people satiated their gluttonous appetite for a full month. Then punishment fell on them: they loathed the food which they had desired; it bred disease in them; the divine anger aggravated the disease into a plague, and a heavy mortality was the consequence. The dead were buried without the camp; and in memory of man's sin and of the divine wrath this name, Kibroth-hattaavah, the Graves of Lust, was given to the place of their sepulchre” (Num. 11:34, 35; 33:16, 17; Deut. 9:22; compare Ps. 78:30, 31)., Rawlinson's Moses, p. 175. From this encampment they journeyed in a northeastern direction to Hazeroth.  --

Deuteronomy 10
10.12  ...what does the Lord require?  Fear, walk, love, serve God and keep His commandments.
10.16  the foreskins of your hearts...  The heart or belief of the command is most important.
10.18-20 Repeated from chapter six.
10.32  be careful to obey...  The requires a shift in the way some of us think.
Deuteronomy 11

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tues 100417 Deut 8

Deuteronomy 8
8.2  you shall remember...  It doesn't take us long to forget.
8.3  He humbled you and let you hunger... which we would normally associate with neglect, but here was by design for a good purpose.
8.5  God disciplines you...  while providing the tender mercies of clothes and feet that did not swell.
8.11  lest you forget...  We have good "forgeters".
8.14  then your heart be lifted up and you forget...  
8.16  to do you good in the end...  Like Job.
8.18  remember the Lord your God...  I see a theme developing here.
8.19  if you forget...  Probably should have been "when you forget."  See comment on verse 11.
8.20  Act like the nations, get treated like the nations.

Monday, April 26, 2010

John 7-10

John 7
7.24  judge with right judgment...  This is one that doesn't seem to get quoted much.  We should judge or evaluate and we need to do it with the right criterion, the right heart, and a wise discernment.
7.32  heard the crowd muttering about Him...  This is an odd expression.  So I guess that the Pharisees had their own public opinion research of sorts.
John 8
8.11  go, and from now on sin no more...  Good counsel.
8.20  His hour had not come...  I've heard that Stonewall Jackson took courage from the thought that until was his time came, he was bullet proof, and when his time came, nothing could keep him safe.
8.31  the truth will set you free...  A key to understanding this would be knowing what the truth sets you free from.
8.36  the Son sets you free...
8.43  you cannot bear to hear my word.  
8.54  If I glorify myself, my glory is nothing.   True for us still today.
John 9
9.3  that the works of God might be displayed in him.  
9.16  This man is not from God, for he does not keep the Sabbath.  I find it curious that they put such a huge emphasis on keeping the Sabbath even at the expense of other more important things.
9.25  one thing I know...  You can't argue with results.  I love this verse.
9.39  judgment...  This is a thought provoking description of judgement.
9.41  but now that you say, "We see...  Another reason to keep my mouth shut and not get so full of myself.
John 10
10.6-7  Don't you hate having to explain something to people who don't get it the first time?
10.15  I have other sheep...  and I am one of them.  :o)
10.26  you do not believe because your are not part of my flock...
10.28  no one will snatch them out of my hand...