Friday, October 1, 2010

101001 2 Kings 11-

2 Kings 11
11.3  Jehosheba... Huray for Jeshosheba!  A brave, just, and cunning woman.
11.4  Carites...  (car' i teess) A term of uncertain meaning in 2 Kings 11:4,2 Kings 11:19 and in Hebrew text of 2 Samuel 20:23, where Cherethites is usually read. The Carites were either mercenary soldiers recruited from Cilicia by Judah and other countries such as Egypt, or the meaning of the term can no longer be determined. They were military personnel who helped Jehoiada, the priest, install Joash as king and assassinate the queen mother Athaliah.  --Holeman Bible Dictionary.

100930 2 Kings 9-10

2 Kings 9
9.21  at the property of Naboth...  The poetic justice is hard to miss here.
9.27  When Ahaziah the king of Judah saw this...  Jehu did Judah a favor too.
2 Kings 10
10.9  but who struck these down...  A politically shrewd move, the likes of which explains verse 31.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100929 2 Kings 8

2 Kings 8
8.1-2  sojourned in the land of the Philistines...  It is interesting that Elijah told her to leave, especially in light of the hard time that soo many preachers give to poor Elimelech, Ruth's husband for doing the same thing.
8.10  God tell him...but the Lord had shown him... At first this seems like a lie until you realize that it what not the sickness that caused his death.
8.18  for the daughter of Ahab was his wife...  Two things. One, Scripture is full of examples of wicked wives pulling their husbands down.  Second, what on earth was a godly man like Jehoshaphat thinking to have his son marry Ahab's daughter?

100927 2 Kings 6-7

2 Kings 6
6.17  so the Lord opened his eyes...  This gets me to thinking about what there is to see that my phyiscal eyes are not able to.
2 Kings 7
7.9  If we are silent...punishment will overtake us...  This is a thought provoking and a little convicting.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

100924 1 Kings 4-5

1 Kings 4
4.23, 26-27 I wonder why she told her husband and Gehazi "all is well" and why the Lord hid it from Elijah.
4.35  sneezed seven times...  an odd detail
4  Three odd miracles.  Thinking about the context.
1 Kings 5   Luke 4.23-30
5.8  It is kind of interesting that Elijah had such close connection to the palace.
5.19 Go in peace.   I find this facinating that Elisha to Naaman that he could go into the temple with the king, go through the motions of official worship to Rimmon, and still be a true worshiper of Jehovah.  I wonder what implications this has for people in India, and other places where religion is part of ruling.
5.20  spared this Naamon the Syrian...  I have to laugh at such a hateful and spiteful attitude and most of all that he would act on it.
5.26  Was it a time for...   This captures the heart of 1 Peter 2.24c.