Wednesday, August 31, 2011


1 Peter 
1.6  have been grieved... So it's official, life is not always a bowl of cherries.
1.7  at the revelation of Jesus Christ...  I like the way this sounds and the interesting perspective it gives to Christ's second coming.
1.12  which things angels desire to look into...  This is facinating on several levels.  It reminds us that angels are not omniscient and that we may know things they don't understand.  They have things they are interested in and are investigating (God doesn't just tell them everything.)
1.22  purified your souls in obeying the truth...  This is an interesting and uncommon description of the salvation experience.  Not sure I have ever heard a Gospel invitation using this one.
2.12  the day of visitation...  That is a loaded expression.
2.25  Shepherd and Overseer...  A reminder to elders and pastors whose model they are following.
3.4  precious in His sight...  Who are we trying to please first?
3.12  For the eyes of the Lord are on the Righteous...  And that is a good thing for them.  We wicked run from the light.
4.3  we have spent enough of our past lifetime...  How true!
4.17  Here it is again.  obey the Gospel of God
5.2  entrusted to you...  This is a sobering thought for an elder (or pastor).  It is hard to believe that God would do that, and I want to be faithful to that calling and responsibility.
5.5, 6  younger...exalt you in due time...  That is a tough one, waiting for your time.

2 Peter
1.3  called us by glory and virtue... 
1.16  eyewitnesses...  This reminds me of the 1988 vice-presidential debate when Loyd Benson made his infamous  "I knew Jack Kennedy. He was a friend of mine," quip to Dan Quail.  This was not a theoretical concept to Peter.  He was there and knew firsthand what he was saying.
2.7  righteous Lot...  Apparently there are a good number of preachers who didn't get this memo about Lot.
2.19  bondage...  Proverbs 5.22.
3.5  willfully...  Seems to me that should color the way that we deal with them.
3.8  This reminds about the joke.  The man thinks that if a day is like a thousand years with God, then a few cents must be like millions of dollars.  So he asks God, "May I have a few cents?"  To which God replies, "Sure, in a few days."
3.17  should be associated with 3.18 more often. 

1 Peter       
1.1-2    2 v.    General introduction / A Triune blessing
1.3-12    10 v.    “This Salvation” 
1.13-25    13 v.    “Call to Holiness”
2.1-10    10 v.    “Living Stones” 
2.11-17    7 v.    “Honorable Conduct” 
2.18-25    8 v.    “Servants and Masters” 
3.1-7    7 v.    "Wives and Husbands"
3.8-22    15 v.    "Suffering for Good"
4.1-11    11 v.    "Old and New Life"
4.12-19    8 v.    "Suffering as a Christian"
5.1-4    4 v.    "Elders"
5.5-14    10 v.    "Closing Admonitions
2 Peter       
1.1-11    11 v.    “Adding to Your Faith”  
1.12-21    11 v.    “The Sure Word” 
2.1-11    11 v.    “Judging and Delivering” 
2.12-22    11 v.    “False Prophets Described” 
3.1-9    9 v.    “Scoffers and the Patience of God”
3.10-18    9 v.    “Looking for the New”