Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sun 100502 deut 11-12 Jn 11

Deuteronomy 11
11.1  always...  That's the tough part.
11.8  keep the whole commandment...  So much for the buffet approach to God's commandments.
11.18-20  largely a repeat from chapter six.
11.32  be careful...  This is a challenging admonition--to take care to do something.
Deuteronomy 12
This law governed public worship. Israelites could, of course, pray to God anywhere. This restriction distinguished Yahweh worship from Canaanite worship that was polytheistic and pantheistic. Later in Israel's history the people broke this law and worshipped God at various "high places." The "high places" were sites of pagan worship or places modeled after them (1 Kings 14:23; 15:14; 22:43; et al.).  --
"The contrast with Canaanite worship, with its multitude of temples and open-air shrines (v. 2), is enormous. It is a very common pattern for conquerors and invaders of a country to take over old shrines for their own forms of worship . . ."  --David F. Payne, Deuteronomy, p. 79.
John 11
11.5  Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus...  This seems to be mentioned because his actions could be interpreted as a lack of concern.  It is a truth that we need to remember when circumstances make it seem like God does not care.
11.25  I am the resurrection and the life...
11.33  deeply moved in His spirit...
11.38  deeply moved again...  Jesus has emotions that rise and fall like ours.  He is repeatedly moved at our circumstances.
11.50  it is better...  God used a position.