Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sat 100320 pm Ex 15-21

Exodus 15
15. holiness...deeds...wonders...
15.16  have purchased...  Nobody was really paid in the sense that the Lord bought them from Pharaoh.  This is an interesting word.
15.24  grumbled...  Verse 21 ended the song of praise and three verses later the grumbling starts.  It doesn't take long to go from glorifying to grumbling.
Exodus 16
16.2  grumbled against Moses and Aaron...  goes on and on
16.7  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.8  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.9  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.11  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.15  What is it?   
16.36  tenth part of an ephah...  I wonder why the writer needed to 
Exodus 17
17.3  grumbled against Moses...
17.7 Massah  Strong's H4532 - Maccah  mas·sä':  temptation, trials
Meribah  Strong's H4809 - Mĕriybah  mer·ē·vä' :  strife or contention
17.7  They tested the Lord.
Exodus 18
18.18  wear yourselves out...  
18.21 men who 1. fear God, 2. are trustworthy, 3. hate a bribe  It is curious that it adds "hate a bribe".  It seems to be redundant, but maybe it is just that important.
Exodus 19
19.4  brought you to myself...  Sounds a lot like "you did not choose me, but I chose you" John 15.16 & 19.
19.6  kingdom of priests and a holy nation...  Sounds similar to 1 Peter 2.9
19.15  do not go near a woman...  This is a very interesting prohibition in light of Hebrews 13.4.
Exodus 20
20.2  your God who brought you...  They were obligated by his relationship and by what He had done for them.  From slave
20.20  that the fear of the Lord may be before you...  Not quite "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life."  :o)
Exodus 21
21.2  Hebrew slave...  Nationality seems to have been a issue in most of these slave rules.
21.7 When a man sells his daughter...  What's with that!?  It seems strange to from my American perspective.  "Verses 7-11 describe a girl whom her father sells as a servant (Heb. 'amah, v. 7) for marriage, not for slavery. (Kaiser, "Exodus," p. 430.) In such a case the girl would become the servant of the father of her husband-to-be who would than give her to his son as his wife."   ---
21.22-23  a child come for life...  The unborn was counted as its own person.
21.28 But if the ox has been accustomed to gore in the past...  More responsibility when the owner should have anticipated the danger.

Fri/Sat 100320 Luke 9-12

Luke 9
9.30 spoke of His departure... Moses and Elijah on the surreal setting of the Mt. of Transfiguration were still searching "what person or time the Spirit of Christ in them was predicting when he predicted the sufferings of Christ..."  It must have been an incredible conversation.  It also offers a glimpse into what will interest us in heaven.
9.33  not knowing what he said...  Where is Job 40.3-5 when we need it?
9.43  at the majesty of God...  I find this a thought provoking response to a demon being cast out.  Sometime I out to study Trench's discussion at
9.45  it was concealed form them...  The sanctimonious way that we badmouth the apostles (or promote them to some divine-like status) is sad.  I remember hearing a testimony from a saint who said that they had attended a certain church for several years as an unbeliever and never heard the gospel.  I knew the church and was confident that the gospel was preached regularly. God has to open the heart, so we should be careful about getting "high and mighty" about God's grace shown to us.
Luke 10
10.2 so true
10.13  would have repented long ago...
10.20  but rejoice that your names are written in heaven...  A compass reset to think about.  Not our authority, but our salvation.
10.21  He rejoiced in the Holy Spirit...  I thinking through God the Son rejoicing in the third member of the Trinity.  Hmmmm.
10.28  You have answered correctly...  Keeping the law perfectly is the standard to get to heaven.
10.29  desiring to justify himself...  This is our tendency to bend the standard so that we can make it.
10.40  distracted...  Substituting the good for the best is a besetting problem.
Luke 11
11.8  his impudence...  That is our problem.  We don't have much impudence.
11.13  Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!
11.28  hear the Word and keep it...
11.31  something greater... Christ is greater.
11.42  without neglecting the other...  It is not the diligence in keeping the details of the law, but the neglecting of the spirit of the law and the heart of God that was the problem with the pharisees.
Luke 12
12.6-7  fear him...  This seems to be much more that awe or reverence.
12.21  rich toward God...  Now that will preach.
12.34  where your treasure is...  I liked Dr. Barnett's frequent admonition to send our money on ahead to heaven.
12.50  how great is my distress...  These verses about Christ's distress, agony, etc.  are very intriguing to me.  Not in the sense the shake my view of Christ, but for the insight they add to the Christian walk and temperament.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thurs 100318 Luke 7-8

Luke 7
7.13  He had compassion...  What a great Savior.  We need that same heart.
7.29  they declared God just...  This always strikes me a humorous.  It was great for them to say so, but I am not sure God needs us to agree with him.
7.50  Your faith has made saved you...  I am trying to think of somewhere the Bible says your repentance has saved you or made you whole.  That doesn't really prove anything one way or the other, but...
Luke 8
8.25 they were afraid... not of some destructive show of power, but by a man forgiving sinn and backing it up with a healing.
8.35  they were afraid...  After seeing the "de-demonized" man.
8.37  great fear...  the result of a really good miracle.
8.49  your faith has made you well...  see comment on 7.50

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wed 100317 pm

Luke 6
6.6-11  This is the kind of Pharisees that I just love reading..
6.24  having received your consolation...
6.30  Give to everyone who begs from you...  This is a hard one.
6.  sinners lend to sinners, to get...   
6.35  your reward will be great...  God loves givers.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tues 100316 pm Luke 4-5

Luke 4
4.4, 8, & 12  Who even memorizes verses in Deuteronomy anymore?
4.13  until an opportune time...  That sounds ominous and is a reminder that Satan is always stalking and looking for opportune times to come and temp. It is my intention to give him as few as possible.
4.32  for his word possessed authority....   and still does today.

Luke 5
5.5 But at your word I will...  This is a great example of obedience to the Lord that we would do well to follow (and we might experience similar results).
5.8  for I am a sinful man... This is a typical response when people really see God.
5.12  if You will you can ... "I will, be clean."  What a sweet response by the Savior.  
5.16 withdraw to desolate places to pray...
5.23  I love this response.  I would have love to have seen the expression of the pharisee's faces when that man got up and walked away.
5.28 leaving everything...  in contrast to the rich young ruler.

Bible Study Tools

I usually have a four step approach to “commentaries.”  I start with linguistics and cross references and work my way down until I am out of time or have enough.  The watchword is to be skeptical of anything.  This is all free stuff online or downloadable.

1. Linguistic/language

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mon 100315 pm 1Sam 2

1 Samuel 2
2.1  I smile at my enemies...  There are a lot of places where Biblical characters wish ill of their enemies.  This expression is really classy and expresses an honorable sentiment.  Hannah was a neat lady.
2.3  For the Lord is a God of knowledge...  Nothing gets by Him.  He sees all.
2.3   by him actions are weighed...  It is a comfort or dread to know that He is weighing our actions, words, and even thoughts.
2.5b  Is this poetic or personal?
2.25  because the Lord desired to kill them.   This verse kind of goes with the first part of this verse.

Sun 100315 pm Ex 13-14

Exodus 13
13.2  It seems like this is part of a larger principle--that the first of everything is given to God.  (I would see it as a symbol that the rest is His too.)
13.8  You shall tell you son...
13.16  This verse seems to clearly indicate the figurative nature of the mark on hand, frontlets between eyes, etc. language
13.17  lest the people change their minds when they see...  A practical thought in the vein of 1 Cor 10.13.

Exodus 14
14.4  I will harden Pharaoh's heart ... shall know that I am the LORD...  Pharaoh was a pawn in God's bigger scheme with the aim of His fame and glory.
14.14  you have only to be silent...  Something most of us struggle to do.
14.25b compare with verses 4 & 18.
14.31  the people feared the LORD...