Thursday, January 26, 2012

1 Samuel 22-23

1 Samuel 
22.8  not one of you who is sorry for me...  Doesn't sound too "kingly" to me.
23.21  you have compassion on me...  This seems like an odd line for a king to take.  Saul seems to say and do stuff like this to often in these accounts.  He seems to be full of insecurity and self-pity. 


1 Samuel 19-21

1 Samuel
19.24  he also stripped off his clothes and prophecied...   Two things: First, if it hasn't happened it is only a matter of time until some evangelist begins a naked prophecy movement.  Two, I really don't understand the whole stripping off his clothes thing.  The Keil and Deltzsch commentary notes that " עָרֹום, γυμνός, does not always signify complete nudity, but is also applied to a person with his upper garment off (cf. Isa_20:2; Mic_1:8; Joh_21:7). From the repeated expression “he also,” in 1Sa_19:23, 1Sa_19:24, it is not only evident that Saul came into an ecstatic condition of prophesying as well as his servants, but that the prophets themselves, and not merely the servants, took off their clothes like Saul when they prophesied. It is only in the case of עָרֹם וַיִּפֹּל that the expression “he also” is not repeated; from which we must infer, that Saul alone lay there the whole day and night with his clothes off, and in an ecstatic state of external unconsciousness; whereas the ecstasy of his servants and the prophets lasted only a short time, and the clear self-consciousness returned earlier than with Saul. "
20.30  to the shame of  your mother's nakedness...   This was an interesting concept that I don't completely understand yet.  It seemed to be a pretty strong insult.
21.2  This seems to be a boldfaced lie, and I would think that Ahimelech must have smelled a rat somewhere among all these statements.  It is also interesting that Doeg (vs.7) didn't speak up.
21.4  if the young men have at least kept themselves from women...  One, what else could they have done or not done to have become more worthy.  Two, why did this matter?
21.10  What was David thinking here?                o

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 Samuel 17-18

1 Samuel 
17.28  Gotta love sibling rivalries.
17.29  Is there not a cause?
17.32  let no man's heart fail...  I think that had already happened.
17.36  When David arrived, God's name started being mentioned more.  Some people just have that effect.
17.43-45  Trash talk Philistine and Israelite style.
17.57  That must have been quite a sight. 18.5, 14, 15  behaved wisely... 
18.12   but had departed from him...   I wonder how he knew.  A different feeling, the people cheering for David?  Lack of favor and success?
18.13  went out and came in before the people...

Monday, January 23, 2012

1 Sam 16

1 Samuel 16
16.1  How long will you mourn for Saul...  Sometimes enough is enough.  This is a healthy companion verse to 12.23.
16.7  An old favorite that has seen much use and abuse.

1 Samuel 15

1 Samuel 15
15.3  utterly...
15.9  Saul and the people...  This is different from what Saul described later in the chapter.
15.13  I have performed all...  This statement puzzles me.  Did he really believe that?
15.17  When you are little in your own eyes...  This is probably the most pivotal and telling statement of the  passage.
15.21  to the Lord your God...  This is an interesting expression.  I wonder whether Sul was expressing his rejection of God (which seems unlikely, given his desire to worship the Lord and not loose face before the poeple) or pandering to Samuel.
15.33  before the Lord... This is an interesting expression attributed to a lot of events in the Bible, but this one may be unique.