Monday, January 23, 2012

1 Samuel 15

1 Samuel 15
15.3  utterly...
15.9  Saul and the people...  This is different from what Saul described later in the chapter.
15.13  I have performed all...  This statement puzzles me.  Did he really believe that?
15.17  When you are little in your own eyes...  This is probably the most pivotal and telling statement of the  passage.
15.21  to the Lord your God...  This is an interesting expression.  I wonder whether Sul was expressing his rejection of God (which seems unlikely, given his desire to worship the Lord and not loose face before the poeple) or pandering to Samuel.
15.33  before the Lord... This is an interesting expression attributed to a lot of events in the Bible, but this one may be unique.

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