Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wed 100218 pm Mk 3-5

Mark 3
3.5  with anger, grieved at their hardness... The total lack of compassion and blind opposition to Christ is a warning to us today too.
3.10  all sho had diseases pressed around him...  This is something to remember when all the "needy" people are constantly coming to us.
3.34  does the will of God... 
Mark 4
4.3  Listen...  How simple and profound.
4.9  let him hear...  This is especially pointiant in light of the quote in verse 12.
4.39  to his own disciples he explained...  We are not superior, just blessed.

Mark 5
5.15  in his right mind...  What a sweet thing to be in your right mind.
5.34  your faith has made you... We sometimes think of God as acting arbitrarily, but He works through means.  It is by grace through faith.
5.35  Why trouble the teacher any further?   The situation is never hopeless with Christ.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tues 100216 pm Ez 17-19

Ezekiel 17
17.15  Can one break the covenant and escape?  That is something to think over when you are contemplating going against God.
17.21 & 24  and you shall know that I AM the LORD...  

Ezekiel 18
18.1  the fathers have eaten sour grapes...
18.4  the soul who sins shall die...  I've never seen this one in any gospel presentations even though it would seem to fit.
18.6, 12, & 15  lift up his eyes to the idols...  The thought here seems to be to take an interest in or admire in some sense.
18.23  rather that he should trun from his way and live...  God's desire is that we should turn to Him and live.  He is thinking good thoughts toward us.
Ezekiel 19
19.14  The last phrase in this verse is both kind of funny and interesting.

Ezekiel 20
20.9  I acted for the sake of my name...  This speaks to the heart of God's purposes.
20.27  dealing treacherously with me...  We too often don't think about sin in these terms.
20.37  bond of the covenant...  I would like to do a study on this phrase sometime.
20.41  in the sight of the nations...  God's ultimate desire is that his glory be known world wide.  Even in the OT we see that focus and perspective.

Sun 100214 pm Ez 14-16

Ezekiel 14
14.3  have taken idols to their hearts, and set stumbling blocks of their iniquity befor their faces...  This a facinating and instructive phrase to think about.  Idols to their hearts gives a sense of the modern danger of this sin.
14.6  repent and turn away...  It is interesting that these two are separated.
14.11  defile themselves ... with all their transgression...  It is instructive to think of how our sins sully and hurt us.

Ezekiel 15
15.7  My face against them... 
Ezekiel 16
16.30 How sick is your heart? 
16.31  you scorned payment...  They didn't even need the payment for their sins.  They did them willingly.  :o(