Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tues 100216 pm Ez 17-19

Ezekiel 17
17.15  Can one break the covenant and escape?  That is something to think over when you are contemplating going against God.
17.21 & 24  and you shall know that I AM the LORD...  

Ezekiel 18
18.1  the fathers have eaten sour grapes...
18.4  the soul who sins shall die...  I've never seen this one in any gospel presentations even though it would seem to fit.
18.6, 12, & 15  lift up his eyes to the idols...  The thought here seems to be to take an interest in or admire in some sense.
18.23  rather that he should trun from his way and live...  God's desire is that we should turn to Him and live.  He is thinking good thoughts toward us.
Ezekiel 19
19.14  The last phrase in this verse is both kind of funny and interesting.

Ezekiel 20
20.9  I acted for the sake of my name...  This speaks to the heart of God's purposes.
20.27  dealing treacherously with me...  We too often don't think about sin in these terms.
20.37  bond of the covenant...  I would like to do a study on this phrase sometime.
20.41  in the sight of the nations...  God's ultimate desire is that his glory be known world wide.  Even in the OT we see that focus and perspective.

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