Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Mother's Day Family Devotion Guide

 Mother's Day Family Devotion

This family devotion guide has been prepared to replace the normal evening worship service on Mother’s Day with a family worship time.  You can choose the parts that work best for your family.
 I.  Opening Prayer
     (Optional Warm Up Activity)
II.  Scripture Reading Exodus 1:22-2:10
III. Lessons From Jochebed and Pharaoh’s daughter
      (Optional Hymns)
IV. Closing Prayer Time

A few tips:

· Make your preparation is simple.  Read through the lesson ahead of time thinking about your family and you should be adequately prepared.

· Just the act of having a family devotion or worship time says something to your kids about what it important.  It can be a challenge to make it an enjoyable and profitable time, but that will never happen if you don’t try.

· Plan a time when everybody can participate.  Make sure they know not to make other plans for that time.  Keep it short. Keep it simple.

· Let  the children interrupt and ask questions at the right times. This is not just a sermon. Let everybody ask, speak, tell, share, and participate. You want to know what they are thinking.

· Include everyone, even the young ones. While it may seem easier to have a quiet time just with the older ones, it is so important to include your little ones in this family time.  As they grow and mature, they will learn to sit quietly during the devotion time.

· It’s important to remember their ages.  If you have small children, you are probably not going to have a deep teaching time.  Try to include different approaches that are age appropriate.

· Let them be children. They’re fidgety. They’re impatient. They’re children. Try to keep a semblance of order during this time together, but be realistic and patient.  Yelling at them to be quiet and sit still defeats the purpose.

· Turn off all electronics. I know this may seem like a given, but it needs to be mentioned.
I.    Prayer:

· The leader (probably dad) should start your time by asking God to bless your time together. 

· You might also want to encourage the family to take turns thanking God for something they appreciate about Mom.

(Optional Warm Up Activity)

· Starting with the youngest, let each family member tell something that they appreciate about their mother.  (Parents, don’t forget to share something, too.)

III. Scripture Reading: 

Both birth mothers and adopting mothers can play important roles in a child’s life.  The Hebrews were slaves in Egypt and it was a dangerous time to be a Hebrew boy.  Moses had a godly mother of faith who allowed one of Pharaoh’s daughters to take Moses as her son to protect and provide for him.  Both women had a vital part in preparing Moses for the important job that God would give him.

Exodus 1:22-2:10  (EasyEnglish Bible*)

1:22 Then Pharaoh spoke to his people. He said: ‘When an Israelite boy is born, you must throw him in the river. But you can let the baby girls live.’

2:1 At this time, there was an Israelite man who belonged to the big family of Levi. He married a woman who also belonged to that big family. 2 A baby boy was born. His mother [Jochebed] saw that he was a very beautiful baby. So she hid him for three months. 3 Then the woman could not continue to hide him. So she took a basket that someone had made from dry river grass. She painted the basket with sticky black paint, to keep the water out of it. The mother put her baby in the basket. Then she put the basket on the edge of the river, among the river grasses.

4 The baby’s sister stood not very far away. She wanted to see what would happen to the baby.

5 Now the daughter of Pharaoh came to wash in the river. And her servant girls walked by the edge of the river. Then Pharaoh’s daughter saw the basket among the river grasses. So she sent one of her servant girls to fetch it. 6 When Pharaoh’s daughter opened the basket, she saw the baby. He was crying and she was sorry for him. She said: ‘This is one of the Israelite children.’ 7 Then the baby’s sister spoke to Pharaoh’s daughter. She said, ‘Do you want me to fetch one of the Israelite women? She can nurse this baby for you.’

8 Pharaoh’s daughter said: ‘Yes, do that.’ So the girl went and she called the baby’s mother. 9 Pharaoh’s daughter spoke to the baby’s mother. She said: ‘Take this baby away and nurse him for me. I will pay you to do this.’ So the woman took the baby and she nursed him. 10 When the baby was older, his mother brought him to Pharaoh’s daughter. He became her son and she called him Moses. She said: ‘I will call him Moses because I pulled him out of the water.’

· If your children are old enough, you might want them to take turns reading a verse each.  It is usually helpful for each to state the verse number when they read, especially if some are using different versions.

· The EasyEnglish Bible is based on a vocabulary of 1,200 words and can be a helpful tool for younger children. If you have older children, you might want to use a regular version like the English Standard Version.


IV. Lessons* from Exodus 2:1-10:

Mothers are special people.  There are many exceptional character traits that are just normal for moms.  Your mom is probably not famous, but she does little things every day that are pretty special.  Here are some things that made Moses' two mothers special.

Courageous Faith—The law said that all Hebrew baby boys were to be killed.  (Hebrews 11:23)

1. What did Jochebed do that demonstrated her courageous faith?

2. How does faith give us courage?  (Deuteronomy 31:6; Psalm 27:11-14)

3. What did Moses parents believe about God that gave them courage?

Resourceful Creativity—When Moses was too big to hide his mom had a great idea. (Exodus 2:3)

1. What did Jochebed do that showed her resourceful creativity?

2. Why do you think the river was a good place to hide baby Moses?

3. What did Moses' sister, Miriam, do to help make this plan work?

Unselfish Love—It must have been hard to give Moses to Pharaoh’s daughter, but Jochebed knew it was best for Moses. (Exodus 2:9-10)

1. What are some things that Jochebed did that showed unselfish love?

2. Do you think it was hard for Jochebed give Moses to Pharaoh’s daughter? Why?

Tenderhearted Compassion—Pharaoh’s daughter was moved to act by Moses’ situation.

1. What did Pharaoh’s daughter feel when she saw the baby in a basket? (Exodus 2:6)

2. Why do you think she felt that way?

3. What did she do that showed a tender heart and compassion?

Dedicated Teacher—Moms make sure children learn many important things.

1. What did Pharaoh’s daughter make sure Moses learned? (Acts 7:20-22)

2. What did Jochebed teach Moses?  (Hebrews 11:24-26)

3. How did this prepare Moses for the job God eventually gave him? (Exodus 3:10)

Adoption—When we repent and put our trust in Christ, we are adopted into God’s family.

1. God sent Jesus to redeem us and make us his children. (Galatians 4:4-7)

2. When we receive Christ, God makes us His child. (John 1:12-13)

3. The Holy Spirit helps God’s children do right and feel close to God. (Romans 8:13-15)

4. God makes people His children to show how wonderful His grace is. (Ephesians 1:5-6)

5. Have you been adopted into God’s family?

(Optional Hymns)

· “Trust and Obey” 

· “Count Your Many Blessings”

· Ask your mom for one of her favorites.

IV. Closing:

1. Each child should “rise up” in turn and express appreciation for their mother.  The parents should also praise their mothers as an example.

2. The father should take a few minutes to praise his wife (his children’s mother) and close in prayer. If the father is not available, mom or an older child can close in prayer.


Bible Trivia: Who am I?

1. My son almost died of thirst, but the Angel of the Lord showed me a well. (Gen 21:14-20)

2. My husband still loved his second wife more, even though I gave him six sons.
(Genesis 29:31)

3. My husband was an important Egyptian official and we had two sons. (Genesis 41:50)

4. After the Hebrews conquered my city I had a son who married Ruth. (Matthew 1:5)

5. My husband was a godless king, but my son was one of Judah’s greatest kings.
(2 Chronicles 29:1)

6. My husband was a prophet who loved me even when I ran away from him. 
(Hosea 1:2-3)

7. Two of my sons were Jesus’ disciples. (Mark 16:1-2; Matthew 27:56; )

8. Who serves as an example of God’s comfort? (Isaiah 66:13)


Q: What did the digital clock say to its mother?
A: “Look, Ma! No hands!”

Q: Why did the teenager’s mom knit him three socks?

A: He grew another foot.

Son: Dad, do you know the difference between a pack of cookies and a pack of elephants?
Dad: No.
Son: Then it’s a good thing Mom does the grocery shopping!

Baby snake: Mommy, are we poisonous?
Mother snake: Yes, son. Why?
Baby snake: I just bit my tongue!

When Mom says, “Because I’m your mother.”

Q: Is there a biblical basis for mom’s explanation, “Because I’m your mother!” 

 Trivia Answers: 1. Hagar; 2. Leah; 3. Asenath; 4. Rahab; 5. Abijah; 6. Gomer; 7. Salome