Wednesday, June 29, 2011

exodus 31-32

31.3  filled him with the spirit of God...  Bezalel was not filled with the Spirit to prophecy or some other religious (or what academics call "cultic") activities, but all manner of workmanship.  We belong to Him, not ourselves or others.
31.15 shall be put to death...  This is a remarkable penalty for this infraction.
32.1  make us gods...  This illustrates the teaching of Isaiah about the foolishness of idols.
32.5  to the LORD...  This verse would make me think that they considered this a representation of the LORD (who just told them to not make any graven images) if it weren't for verse 31. 
32.14  The efficacy of prayer in God's plan.
32.25 compare with verse 12.
32.26  This is a remarkable story.  I am trying to think why someone would not have come over to the LORD's side..