Wednesday, June 2, 2010

100601 Joshua 10-13

Joshua 10
10.14  for the Lord heeded the voice of a man...  I think that sometimes we go too far in the direction of "The main benefit of prayer is to change the one praying." That is all fine and good for sure, but here a man asked God for something and "the Lord heeded." Too cool!
10.several times   devoted to destruction...  This may just be a linguisticly driven expression or idiom, but it is curious, esp. in light of 6.18
Joshua 11
11.15  He [Joshua] left nothing undone of all that the Lord had commanded...  A great tribute.  I aspire to that.
Joshua 12
12.24  in all thirty-one kings...
Joshua 13
13.13  Yet the people of Israel did not drive out the ...  :o(
13.22  Balaam also...was killed with the sword...  It is sad to see someone ruined by the love of money.

Acts 1-2

Acts 1
1.3  about the Kingdom of God...  It is curious that after Jesus had spent time teaching them they would turn around and as what appears to be a pretty bone headed question.
Acts 2
2.3 tongues of fire... I never hear about tongues of fire when people get baptized or filled with the Holy Ghost.
2.36  you crucified... So much for the kindergentle.