Saturday, May 29, 2010

100529 Joshua 6-9

Joshua 6
6.4 seven...  You cannot help but notice the prominence of the number seven in this passage.  15xs
6.18  keep yourselves from the things devoted to destruction, lest...  It is pretty sketchy to develop doctrines from narrative like this, but there seems to be a more foundational principle being illustrated here.
Joshua 7
7.9  and what will You do for Your great name?...  A great prayer, especially when we are like Joshua--perplexed by a difficult situation.
7.15  an outrageous thing...  Don't mess with God's stuff.
7.19  give glory to the Lord, God of Israel, and give praise to Him.  And tell...  I am thinking about how confession of sin is giving glory to God.  And I am thinking about the Hebrew word, towdah, translated 'praise' in the esv and 'confession' in the kjv (both seem to be defendible translations) and comes from the root of a word that means to throw.  Hmmmmm.
Joshua 8
8.30  Book of the Law of Moses...  So much for the JEPD higher criticism speculations.
8.33   Moses, the servant of the Lord...  a great way to be remembered.
Joshua 9
9.14  but they did not ask counsel from the Lord...  This is almost always a bad thing.  It is a good reminder for me to always be mindful of the Lord and in a prayerful spirit.