Tuesday, October 2, 2018

CONNECTION Discussion Notes - Philippians 3:1-4:1 - October 7, 2018

CONNECTION Discussion Notes
Philippians 3:1-4:1
October 7, 2018 
3:1-3   “Beware of the Killjoys”
1.     In what ways do you tend toward a legalism which views our behavior as the basis for right relations with the Lord?
2.     How do you differentiate between legalistic obedience and loving obedience?
3.     In what ways can one “boast in the Lord.” What does that practically look like at home and in your workplace?
4.     In what ways does placing your confidence in the Lord free you up to rejoice?

3:4-11   “The Change That Brings Joy”
1.     What are some of the things people often put in their spiritual resume? How about you – what did or do you value thinking it was sufficient before God?
2.     What were some of the changes in your value system that you began to notice after Christ intercepted you? What things lost value and what things gain new value?
3.     Are there some things you still tend to ‘boast’ about feeling it make you more spiritual?

3:12-16   “Single Minded Pursuit of Joy”
1.     We mentioned a holy discontentment, a relentless exertion, and one absorbing aspiration. Which one of these did or do you sense the Spirit is nudging you forward?
2.     John suggested that for which we were laid hold of by Jesus is not so much a career path or what we do as it is how we do whatever we do. That is we are to do all things with Jesus’ style of doing. How does this perspective change the way you look at your daily tasks?
3:17-4:1   “Rejoice In The Pattern of Glory”
1.     List some of the many ways that we humans use the mimic technique in life. How are we tempted to mimic the world’s way of behaving? How can we better practice the art of mimicking Christ?
2.     How, in what ways and manners, does our eternal destiny as believers shape our present behavior? What are some of the joys you are longing to experience in your transformed body? What are some of the pains and frustrations you are looking forward to leaving behind?
1.     Discussion leaders, it might be best for you to take more time on one or two questions from each sermon instead of trying to rush to get through all of them.
2.     This is the last set of Connection Questions from Dr. John Conner’s series on Philippians.  If you would like to send a note of thanks or share something that has impacted you from the series, it can be sent care of Tulsa Bible Church--5838 S Sheridan Rd--Tulsa, OK 74145
3.     No Connection Sunday next month. November 4th, TBC having a joint evening service with Fellowship Bible Church to hear a report on our strategic outreach project to the Kodesh people.