Saturday, October 16, 2010

101016 1 Chron 10-12

1 Chronicles 10
10.13  he broke faith with the Lord...  It is thought provoking and instructive to think about the twin descriptions of breaking faith (or unfaithfulness) and disobedience.
1 Chronicles 11
11.11 Jashobeam...killed three hundred...
11.12  Eleazar...took his sand...
Chronicles seems to be missing Shammah
11.20 Abishai...chief of the thirty...
11.22  Benaiah...
11.26  The mighty men were...  Of special interest in this list is Elnaam, who had three sons in the group of David's mighty men, and Hotham, who had two.  These must have been remarkable fathers and families.
1 Chronicles 12
12.1  the men who came to David at Ziklag...
12.8  Gadites...
12.16  the men of Benjamin and Judah...
12.19  Men of Manasseh...
12.23  the numbers of divisions...
12.38  the rest of Israel...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

101013 1 Chron 1-9

1 Chronicles 1
1.5  What about the sons of Madai, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras?
1.8  What about the sons of Put?
1.10  Nimrod.  He was thefirst on earth to be a mighty man.   A very enigmatic statement.
1.38 Seir...  So why? how? did he pop into the geneology?
1.43  kings who reigned in Edom...  So, up pops Edom.  I'm just wondering "Why here?"
1 Chronicles 2
2.24  the wife of Hezron his father...  Lots of questions about this one.
2.30 Seled died childless...
2.32  Jether died childless...
2.41  Elishama...  So, who is this guy?  and why stop with him?
2.50  Ephrathah (esv) doesn't show up in the WebBible Encyclopedia.  Alternate spelling or what? Sorting through these genealogies is mind boggling.
1 Chronicles 3
3.1  sons of David...  his sons from various women
3.10 Solomon's sons and descendant 
3.17  Jeconiah, the captive...
1 Chronicles 4
4.1 The sons of Judah...
4.10  Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying...  It is interesting to me that a whole book, etc. was written about this one verse.  Seems to overemphasize one verse.
4.24 The sons of Simeon...
4.39  they journeyed to...
4.41  in the days of Hezekiah...  an interesting benchmark.  It seems a little late for continued conquest of the Land.
1 Chronicles 5
5.1  sons of Reuben...
5.1  his birthright was given to the sons of Joseph...  after his father's death, which would seem to indicate it was a family position, not something that you owned outright.
5.6  Beerah his son, who Teglath-pileser king of Assyria carried away into exile...
5.10  sounds a little like a land grab.  Wonder if it was part of their original "lot."
5.11  sons of Gad...
5.17  in the days of Jotham ... Jeroboam...
5.18  had valiant men who carried the sword...
5.21  livestock
1 Chronicles 6
6.1  sons of Levi...
6.10  priest in the house that Solomon built...  An appropriate place to note in the genealogy of priests.
6.31  service of songs...  Interesting that the choir and orchestra were priests.
6.33  of the sons of the Kohathites...
6.39  and his brother Asaph, who stood on his right hand...
6.44  on the left hand were their brothers, the sons of Merari...  I assume nobody knows for sure if this notation had any musical significance.
6.54   These are their dwelling places...  probably an important thing to enumerate for people who didn't have a specific section that was alloted to them.
1 Chronicles 7
7.1 sons of Issachar...
7.2 & 5  mighty warriors...
7.6  sons of Benjamin...  
7.11  mighty warriors...
7.13  sons of Naphtali...  Someone must not have turned in their report, cause their is nothing written about Naphtali.   :o)   I would like to think that there will be something worthy commenting about my life.   This makes me wonder why almost nothing is said about this tribe.
7.14  sons of Manasseh...
7.20  sons of Ephraim... 
7.29  these lived in...
7.30  sons of Asher...
1 Chronicles 8
8.1  Benjamin fathered...
8. 8  Shaharaim fathered sons ... in Moab...  I am wondering why this was mentioned.  Also, is this the same guy as Shephuphan in verse two?
8.12  built Ono and Lod...  Seems somewhat random.
8.15  Beriah and Shema...houses...caused the inhabitants of Gath to flee.
8.40  mighty warriors, bowman...
1 Chronicles 9
9.1 because of their breach of faith...  This seems to be an instructive way to think about obedience and our relationhip with God.
9.3  lived in Jerusalem...
9.10  of the priests...
9.14  of the Levites...
9.13  as guards... So even the tabernacle had a security detachment.
9.17  the gatekeepers...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

101012 Exodus 18

Exodus 18
18.4  God of my father...  "Father" singular.  Moses had quite a dad.  Ex 2.1 & Heb 11.23
18.3-4  Gershom to Eliezer show growth in Moses's understanding a attitude.  Sometimes it is easy to think of Bible heros coming out of the box perfect.
18.8  the Lord had done...the Lord delivered...  God centered view.  Both Pharoah and the Israelites had hardships.
18.11  Now I know...  Compare with Ex. 5.2.
18.14  Why do you alone...  Leadership (and the Christian walk) is a team sport.
18.17  you will shurely wear yourselves out.  
18.18  by yourself...   Leadership is a team sport.
18.20  stand before God before the people...   Prayer.
18.20  teach them...   2 Timothy 2.1
18.21  look for men who...   Delegation and teamwork.

a. Strong's H2428 - chayil strength, power, might, valour —Gesenius’s Lexicon

KJV, NASB, NKJV, ESV—able; NIV, NLT—capable
b. Strong's H3373 - yare' fearing, reverent, afraid —Blue Letter Lexicon
c. Strong's H571 - 'emeth    firmness, faithfulness, truth —Blue Letter Lexicon
KJV, NASB, NKJV—of truth; ESV, NIV—trustworthy; NLT-honest
d. Strong's H1215 - betsa`   profit, unjust gain, gain (profit) acquired by violence —Blue Letter Lexicon
KJV, NKJV—coveteousness; NASB, NIV—dishonest gain; ESV, NLT—bribe

Monday, October 11, 2010

101007 2 Kings 23-25

2 Kings 23
23.4  to Bethel...  The political situation must have been somewhat fluid.
23.22  for no such Passover...  
23.25  Before him there was no king like him...  This is why I named my son Josiah.
2 Kings 24
24.2  according to the word of the Lord...  Things always play out the way God says.
24.4  which the Lord would not pardon...  This type of statement is alway sobering.
24.13  which Solomon...  It is interesting to see the places where Solomon's name is invoked with the Temple.
24.18  Zedekiah was twenty-one years old when he...  It is breath taking how young these men were when they became king, especially in tumultuous times as this.
2 Kings 25
I mark my Bible with colored pencils (gentiles in OT are brown) and I noticed that there is a lot of brown in chapter 25.
25.6  The brutality is breathtaking.