Monday, October 11, 2010

101007 2 Kings 23-25

2 Kings 23
23.4  to Bethel...  The political situation must have been somewhat fluid.
23.22  for no such Passover...  
23.25  Before him there was no king like him...  This is why I named my son Josiah.
2 Kings 24
24.2  according to the word of the Lord...  Things always play out the way God says.
24.4  which the Lord would not pardon...  This type of statement is alway sobering.
24.13  which Solomon...  It is interesting to see the places where Solomon's name is invoked with the Temple.
24.18  Zedekiah was twenty-one years old when he...  It is breath taking how young these men were when they became king, especially in tumultuous times as this.
2 Kings 25
I mark my Bible with colored pencils (gentiles in OT are brown) and I noticed that there is a lot of brown in chapter 25.
25.6  The brutality is breathtaking.

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