Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Resolving Everyday Conflict - Homework for lesson 2

Jonah 1.1-3
1.3  arose to flee...  This was not primarily about what we would typically think of as conflict, but Jonah has the "escape" response.
1.3  from the presence of the LORD...  or that was the intention anyway. 

Genesis 37.17-28; 45.1-7; 50.15-21
37.18  to kill him...  This was the result of the hatred that began in 37.4.  You could technically have argued that Joseph had little if any involvement until his dreams in 5 & 9.  The murder response may have actually been an aggressive escape response, since they were just as happy to have him gone when the profitable opportunity presented itself.
45.5  for God sent me...  Here Joseph takes the higher ground seeing God's purpose in his life rather than focus on the major wrong against him.
50.17  Now, please, forgive...  It is interesting to think about the different way we respond to people when we are dealing from a weak and strong position.  I wonder how often we forgive, just because we don't have a "better" option.  Is that God's providence to help us in our weakness or a cop out?

1 Samuel 18.1-11; 19.9-12
18.12  now Saul was afraid of David...  This was a time when being feared was not a positive thing, since Saul's response had been to try to murder David.
19.9  the distressing spirit...  It is interesting how each of Saul's rejections of God's will for him spiraled him down the steepening slope of the wrong way.

Daniel 1.1-16
1.9  Now God had brought Daniel into the favor and goodwill...   Deposits into a person's bank of good will can help smooth the ground for when conflict occurs.
1.8  he requested...test your servants...  Rather that a confrontive reaction, Daniel took a pragmatic approach that gave consideration to the needs of the steward.
1.13  as you see fit...  Recognizing the steward's position and preagatives probably helped to lower his defenses.

1 Corinthians 5.1-5
5.1  as is not even named among the Gentiles...  It was a flagarent, unrepentant, and repeated and extreme action that prompted Paul's strong response.

2 Corinthians 2.5-11
2.10  whom you forgive...I also...   This demonstrates Paul's confidence in their judgment and the absence of a personal grudge.  It was about restoring this man, not getting even.
2.11 lest Satan should take advantage of us...  This reminds me of the saying, "Arrogance is a disease that makes everybody sick but the person who has it."   Our vices often first blind us to the damage they are doing and then wreck havoc on us.   This is what Paul wanted to avoid by forgiving the restored brother.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ex 30

30.1 altar to burn incense...
30.9  strange incense...  Sometimes the slightly out of date working of the KJV/NKJV actually works to make a good point.
30.12  census...  This makes me think of David disastorous census in 2 Samuel.
30.15  The rich shall not give more than the poor... to make atonement for yourselves...  I think that this speaks for itself toward the nature of sin and the atonement.
30.17-18  laver of bronze...
30.21  I think that a lot of moms use this verse without the reference and a different theological logic.
30.25  Verses 31-33 not withstanding, I'm kinda suprised that I have never seen this marketed in a Christian bookstore.  :o)
30.38  This whole idea of a special smell for the tabernacle is fascinating food for thought.  I am thinking about how this might apply to us or guide our methodology today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ex 29

28.36  Holiness to the LORD...  This just arrests my attention.  Now that is a "slogan" to live by!
29.10  bull...sin offering...  
29.15  ram...burnt offering
29.19, 25  another ram...burn offering (concecration?)
29.24  wave offering...
29.26  breast of the ram of Aaron's consecration...wave offering
29.31  ram of consecration...Aaron and his sons shall eat...
29.35ff  bull every day as sin offering...
29.42  a continual burnt offering...
29.46 they shall know that I am the LORD...