Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ex 30

30.1 altar to burn incense...
30.9  strange incense...  Sometimes the slightly out of date working of the KJV/NKJV actually works to make a good point.
30.12  census...  This makes me think of David disastorous census in 2 Samuel.
30.15  The rich shall not give more than the poor... to make atonement for yourselves...  I think that this speaks for itself toward the nature of sin and the atonement.
30.17-18  laver of bronze...
30.21  I think that a lot of moms use this verse without the reference and a different theological logic.
30.25  Verses 31-33 not withstanding, I'm kinda suprised that I have never seen this marketed in a Christian bookstore.  :o)
30.38  This whole idea of a special smell for the tabernacle is fascinating food for thought.  I am thinking about how this might apply to us or guide our methodology today.

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