Wednesday, August 25, 2010

100824 Num 29

Numbers 29
29.1 first day of seventh month ... a holy convocation...
29.7  On the tenth day ... a holy convocation...
29.12  On the fifteenth day ... a holy convocation...
29.13  The seven day feat starts with a sacrifice of 13 bulls and works its way down to seven.  If seven represents perfection, I wonder what 13 means.
Numbers 30  Women and vows
30.8  It seems odd in our "more liberated" western culture for the husband to have that kind of say over his wife.  
30.9  It is interesting that widows and divorsed seemed to be treated differently.
Numbers 31
31.25  The "tithe" that the Lord required is curious in light of the 10% that Abraham gave to Melchizadek (sp) in Genesis.
31.50  Why was it neccessary for them to make atonement for themselves?
31.54  I wonder if this is where memorial offerings got their start?  :o)

100823 Numbers 28

Numbers 28
28.18  ordinary work...  Apparantly I should have picked up on this phrase earlier because some of the commentators don't mention it here. I found it interesting though that every mention of this English phrase is in the context of a holy convocation.
"Every year in future the priests will have to sacrifice 113 bulls, 32 rams,
and 1086 lambs and offer more than a ton of flour and a thousand bottles
of oil and wine."  ---G. Wenham, Numbers, p. 197.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

100822 Numbers 27

I have read Leviticus and most of numbers since I wrote last, but hope to get back into the swing of things.
Numbers 27
27.1  daughters of Zelophehad...  Those were some kind of plucky women.
27.14  because your rebelled aganist my word...  Seems to be an antinym for believe.  I am thinking about rebellion being the opposite of believe.
27.14  failing to uphold me as holy at the waters before their eyes...  This expression is repeated from 20.12, except that passage puts the words with did not believe instead of rebelled.  I had always associated the striking the rock as disobedience, so this wording is thought provoking.  In chapter 20 Aaron is also tied to the sin.