Saturday, May 31, 2014

Titus 3:8-11 Carpenter Flock teaching notes 140531

I. affirm constantly these things 
jkv, nkjv--affirm constantly; nasb--speak confidently; wet--strongly assertive; niv--stress these things; rsv, esv, net, nlt--insist

          A. This is a faithful saying,  
                refers to verses 4-7 which may have been an ancient hymn

                   1, What attributes of God are mentioned?

                   2. How do the verses point to the three phases or aspects of our salvation: 
                       conversion, sanctification, and glorification?
                       (Pick out words or expressions that point to each part.)

          B. that those who have believed in God should be careful to maintain good works. 
                    (Use the mentions of "good works: in Titus 1:16; 2.7, 14; 3:1, 8, 14)  to describe what good works are here.  Then compare with Acts 9:36; Romans 13.3; 1 Timothy 5:10; 6:18; 1 Peter 2:12)
         C. These things are good and profitable to men. 

II.  But avoid foolish disputes, 2 Timothy 2:23   (What makes a dispute foolish?)
                         genealogies,  1 Timothy 1.3-7 esp. 4
                         contentions,  1 Cor 3:2-3
                         strivings about the law;  1 Timothy 6:3-4

          for they are unprofitable and useless.  1 Corinthians 8:1
"It has been said that thee is a danger that a man may think himself religious because he discusses religious questions."  --William Barclay

III.  Reject a divisive man    [1 Corinthians 1:11-16]
                after the first and second admonition,  (Mathew 18:15-17 admonish, also 3 times.)
                knowing that such a person is 
                      warped (G1612 - ekstrephō: Trun inside out, to pervert
                          (Why does it describe a divisive man as "warped?")
                      being self-condemned.(Titus 1:16)
(How do you reconcile this verse with the old adage,  "Hate the sin. Love the sinner."?)