Wednesday, October 20, 2010

101020 1 Chronicles 16-17

1 Chronicles 16
16.4 to invoke...the Lord...   This is an interesting word in this context.
16.43  went home to bless his family...  We men need to do this too.
1 Chronicles 17
17.2  What is going on here with Nathan saying one thing and God telling him to give a different message.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

101019 1Chronicles 13-15

1Chronicles 13
13.10  died before the Lord...   There are numerous references to people doing things "before the Lord."  I don't have a real exact sense of all its implications, but this is an interesting one to add to the mix.
13.12  and David was afraid of God that day...  You disobey and you should be afraid.
13.13  the LOrd blessed the household of Obed-edom and all that he had.  This is one of my favorite verses in 1 Chronicles.  Having and honoring God's presence in our lives brings blessings.
1 Chronicles 14
14.3  And David took more wives in Jerusalem...  Why?
14.12  and they were burned...  The heathens took gods as trophies.  Worshipers of the true God would not tollerate the foolishness of other gods.
1 Chronicles 15
15.3-10  a lot of records about the choir.
15.2  for the Lord had chosen them...  What has God chosen me to do?
15.26  and because the Lord helped them...  to move a box.  They didn't really need much help for that, but to move the ark of God, that required a certians spiritual touch that they did not have without God.