Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fri 090820 pm Gal 2-3 Col 1 Psa 75-76

Galatians 2
2.4 brothers secretly brought in... This is amazing that all this was going on.
2.8 he who worked through Peter ... worked also through me... Notice the trust and good will in the midst of sharp disagreement.
2.11 I opposed him to his face... This is preferable to the talk and lobby around behind people's back.

Galatians 3
3.8 And the Scripture, foreseeing that God... This is a very interesting expression. It also hints and the unity of foreknowing and choosing or decreeing.
3.24 until Christ came... Christ changes everything

Colossians 1

1.1-2 Greeting
Background of Colossians
Theme and outline
compare with other greetings and make note of significance of the particulars in this greeting

1.3-6 Thanksgiving for Colossians
Note the relationship between faith, love, and hope
What can be learned about the relationship between the good news and fruit bearing?

1.7-8 (& 4.12-13) Epaphras Ministry Characteristics
beloved, fellow-servant, faithful, minister, of Christ, declaring their love, striving in prayers, what he prayed for, much zeal

1.9-11 Prayer for the Colossians
walk worthy
fruitful in every good work
increasing in knowledge of God
strengthened for patience

1.12-14 Thanks for Christ's Work
delivered us

1.15-16 Preeminence of Christ Pt. 1
image, "first-born", creator, sustainer

1.17-20 Preeminence of Christ Pt. 2
Before all things, head of the body, beginning, firstborn, preeminence, reconcile all things

our previous condition
God's design for us
established steadfastness in Gospel

1.23b-29 Paul's Ministry
the afflictions of Christ
stewardship from God
mystery manifested
purpose of ministry

Psalm 75 Asaph; 10 vrs.; --??

75.3 I love this verse. When the earth totters ... it is I who keeps the pillars steady. Its nice to know that God has his hand on the pillars, cause things often seem kinda tottery.
75.7 judgement ... putting down ... lifting up... God, the great equalizer. Sooner or later he will level things out.

Psalm 76 Asaph; 12 vrs.; --??

76.2 Salem, another name for Jserusalem
76.10 the wrath of man shall praise You... All things work together...
76. Fear of God mentioned four times in the last half of this psalm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wed 090819 pm Gal 1 Psa 76

Galatians 1
1.1 It is interesting that he did not mention the Holy Spirit. Probably not significant, but interesting anyway.
1.10 to please man... This may be a hint why so many ministers and Christians in general are so ineffective for and lukewarm about the Lord's work and serving him.
1.15 who had set me apart before I was born, and who called me by his grace... This is really a very "Calvinistic" verse that also shows how God uses means to accomplish his purposes.

Psalm 74 Asaph; 23 vrs.; --???
How long before God defends against His enemies?

74.11 Why do You hold back your hand... This is a common question.
74.19 your poor... I haven't thought through this whole thing, but it is something to think about poor being the Lord's.
74.22 Arise, O God... I always find this expression to be very colorful and expressive.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back

I read Philippians, Colossians several times, some from Ezra, and a Psalm or two. No time to journal on it all though.