Monday, August 12, 2013


Text: 2 Kings 15:13, 30, 32, 34;  2 Chronicles 26
  • Built Elath (Eloth) and restored it to Judah
  • 16 years old, reigned 52 years
  •  Sought God in the days of Zechariah
  • Made war against the Philistines, Ammonites brought tribute
  • Reinforced Jerusalem's walls, built towars and wells in desert, had an army 307K, made devices to shoot arrows and stones
  • v. 16  but when he was strong...
  • entered into the temple to burn incense
  • Priest Azariah and withstood him and leprosy broke out on his forehead
  • dwelt in an isolated house
  • Jotham was over the kings house, judging people of Judah
  • Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Zechariah mention him
1. ID/CR  (4)  What was the summary of Uzziah's life?  How did Amaziah follow the Lord?
2. ID:  (5)  What was the key to his prosperity?
3. CR:  (6-15)  What were Uzziah's key accomplishments?
4. CR:  (17-18)  Why was it wrong for Uzziah to burn incense in the Temple?
5. ID/WS: (16)  What caused Uzziah to be so presumptuous (lifted up)?

1. What makes you feel "lifted up?"
2. Why does a sense of well being sometimes cause us to be less careful be presumptuous?


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Joash & Amaziah

(2 Kings 11-12; 2 Chron.24)
1.      ID: (2 Chron. 23)  How would you describe Jehoiada?
2.      ID: (2 Chron. 24.2) What was the key to Joash doing right?
3.      ID: (2 Chron. 24.9-10) Why did the people rejoice?
4.      ID: (2 Chron. 24.17, 19) Who did Josh listen to? 
5.      (2 Chron. 24.21-22)  What made the stoning of Zechariah so agregious?  Why was his response appropriate?  Or was it?
·         What kinds of things are you joyful about giving money to?
·         Do you have a “Jehoiada” in your life to influence you?
·         Are you a “Hehoiada” in anybody’s life?
·         Who are the “leaders of Judah” in your life who would give you unwise council?
·         How well do you respond to correction?  What are some truths or Scriptures that remind us how or why we should heed correction?
Probably the most notable thing about Joash is how pliable he was.  He went with the flow spiritually and did not seem to have the heart, discernment, or loyalty to say on the right way.  In the background is the example of Jehoiada who had the wisdom and courage to make good things happen and be a strong positive influence in other’s lives.   One of the things to think about is who we are and will listen to us.  Another is our response when we take a wrong turn.  Do we listen up or shut them up?

Text:  (2 Kings 14; 15.1-5; 2 Chron. 25)
·         Mom: Jehoaddan of Jerusalem
·         25.2 Did right but not with a loyal heart
·         Executed his father’s murders, but not their children because of what the Bible said.
·         Hired Israelite soldiers to help attack Edom, but did not use them.
·         Conquered Edom, and worshipped their Gods.
·         Israel raided towns in Judah.
·         Amaziah foolishly challenged Joash, king of Israel to a fight  (25.20) and was defeated.
·         Hunted down and assassinated after reigning 29 years.
1.      (2 Chron 25.2)  What does this mean? Give examples from Amaziah’s life that illustrate it.
2.      (2 Chron 25.8-10, 13)  What did it cost Amaziah to obey God’s prophet?
3.      IVPBBC has an interesting note about the custom of worshiping the gods of the defeated nation.
4.      ID: (2 Chr. 25.15-16) How did Amaziah respond to God’s correction?
5.      ID: (2 Chr. 25.20)  Was Judah defeated because it was wrong for Amaziah to challenge Jehoash, king of Israel?
1. What was the key turning point in Amaziah’s life?  Has your life had key turning points?
2. Have you ever had a preacher’s sermon or brother’s admonition convict you and make you mad?  3. How do we prepare our hearts to accept correction?
4. What are things (or people) that compete with the Lord for your loyalties?
The big puzzle for me in the life of Amaziah is how he does the right thing is 2 Chr. 25.6-10 (with the warning about God’s power to help and overthrow) and then starts worshiping the god’s of Edom and rejects the prophet in 25.7.