Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy birthday, Donna

I still remember the flutter in my heart as I perused the students in Mrs. Martin’s English Comp. class and noticed one cute girl in particular.  I don’t remember whether it was love at first sight, but I do remember making a note that I wanted to spend some time with you.  I still do not understand what you saw in that skinny, gangly kid, but I am still thankful for your temporary lapse in judgment.
At this point, we have been together for 2/3 of our lives.  It brings a smile as I reflect on our long distant engagement with the phone calls and those long trips along I-40 between Tulsa and Jacksboro, our early days in apartments and a duplex, the blind enthusiasm at the possibilities of a move back to Tulsa and into a life of ministry.  I remember raising three kids with you and the way you excelled in business for yourself and later teaching second grade. 

Our lives drastically changed with the news of your acoustic neuroma and things have never been the same.  Through that surgery (and all the others) I have seen in you an impressive toughness and determination.  Your devotion, faithfulness, and loyalty to our own children and your chickadees have been a model and inspiration.  Each year the price of shipping and handling goes up along with my appreciation and love for you.  God knew what he was doing through it all.  Happy birthday!!