Friday, November 6, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mon 091102 pm James 1 Isa 60

James 1
1.2 the testing of your faith...  It seems to me as I read this that the "testing of your faith", might be more than just regular hard times.
1.11  in the midst of his pursuits...  He fades away in to insignificance as he goes about his business, not by some big calamity.  A sobering thought.  Are you just fading away or securing heavenly interests?
1.17  Father of lights...
1.19  slow to speak...  Something I am always working on.  :o)
1.21  receive with meekness... a necessary trait if God's Word is going to do its work in us.
1.27  Religion that is pure and undefiled before God...  That who we should be concerned about.

Isaiah 59

Isaiah 60
60. 7  Kedar  2.It is the name for the nomadic tribes of Arabs, the Bedouins generally (Isa. 21:16; 42:11; 60:7; Jer. 2:10; Ezek. 27:21), who dwelt in the northwest of Arabia. They lived in black hair-tents (Song of Songs 1:5). To “dwell in the tents of Kedar” was to be cut off from the worship of the true God (Ps. 120:5). The Kedarites suffered at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar (Jer. 49:28, 29).
60. 7  Nebaioth  The name of the Ishmaelite tribe descended from the above (Gen. 25:13,18). The “rams of Nebaioth” (Isa. 60:7) are the gifts which these wandering tribes of the desert would consecrate to God.

Sun 091101 pm sum of Newton on Paul

An essay on the character of the apostle Paul, considered as an example andpattern of a minister of Jesus Christ
by John Newton, 1769

I. the supreme love he bore to his Lord and Savior. 
II. love to his people.
III. inflexible attachment to the great doctrines of the Gospel
IV. a great tenderness to weak consciences, in matters that were not essential to the faith
V. an unselfish spirit ... labors were directed to no other ends than the glory of God and the good of men
VI. Christian zeal ... It is GOOD to be to be zealous, provided the purpose is good
VII. the manner in which he ... of the Spirit and with power
From what has been said, we may remark two obvious reasons, among others, why we have so much unsuccessful preaching in our days: either the Gospel truths are given up, or the Gospel simplicity departed from. Where either of these is the case, the Lord refuses his power and blessing.
VIII. his sincere humility
But, in an especial manner, humility is necessary and beautiful in a minister! Thegreatest abilities and the most unwearied diligence will not ensure success without it! A secret apprehension of his own importance, will deprive him of the Holy Spirit's assistance, without which he can do nothing!

Sat 091031 pm Isa 58 Heb 13

Isaiah 58
58.6  Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness...   This verse reminds us of the importance of the inner spiritual reality that the religious practices represents.  It also is a thought provoking statement about the nature and purpose of fasting~releasing bonds. Bonds of wickedness, personal burdens, and the captivity of the oppressed.

Hebrews 13
13.3 those who are mistreated...  They are everywhere.  I am thinking of the many who are shunned because they are odd, who are shamed in the church because they are poor, and of course there are other much more obvious cases.
13.7  Those who spoke the Word to you...  This usually weighs heavily on my mind anytime I prepare to preach.
13.16  Do not neglect to do good and share...  This sounds like something straight out of a kindergarten handbook.  The word neglect seems to indicate more thoughtlessness than intentionallity.  
13.17  keeping watch over their souls ... give an account...  This is a heavy one.  Hebrews 13 is always so sobering a convicting for an elder or pastor.