Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sat 090620 am Psa 1-5

Psalm 2 David by NT attribution - 12 vs. - 2.1-2--Acts 4.25-27, Acts 13.33, & Hebrews 1.5; 5.5
A warning to the nations that the Son will rule with an iron rod, so it is pointless to oppose Him.

2.4 God laughs at the nations
2.11 Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling... Still waiting to see much of that in a worship service anywhere.

Psalm 3 David - 8 vs. - no NT quotes ?
Confidence in the Lord expressed as he cries out to be saved from his many enemies.

Psalm 4 David - 8 vs. - 4.4 in Ephesians 4.26
God answers prayer. Confidence expressed in Him.

Psalm 5 David - 12 vs. - 5.9--Romans 3.13
David says the Lord rejects the wicked and pleas for the Lord to call them to fall and give refuge to the righteous.

5.8 enemies in the Psalms would be an interesting study.
5.10 fall by their own counsels The wicked do it to themselves.
5.12 interesting combination of the words shield and favor

4.4 Here ...ponder in your own beds and be silent but in Eph. 2.26 Do not let the sun go down on your anger. I am thinking about the relationship between the two statements.
4.8 great verse for returning soldiers


Friday, June 19, 2009

Fri 090619 am Psa Intro and ch 1

Holman Old Testament Commentary Psalms 1-75, Steven J. Lawson

---So Psalm 118.8 is supposed to be the very center verse of the Bible. Which version?
David: One of the greatest kings of Israel and a man that takes up a huge portion of the Scriptures.
Asaph: a priest and worship leader (contemporary of David) Ps. 50, 73-83
sons of Korah: a guild of singers {ss/ 42, 44-49, 84-85, 87
Solomon: David's son and a great king of Israel
Moses: leader of the exodus
Herman: a musician, choir director, etc. 2 Chronicles 5:12; 35:15
Ethan: probably a Levitical singer 1 Chronicles 6:42; 15:17,19
Ezra: a scribe and priest of Israel is thought by some to be the author of some of the 48 anonymous psalms.
Book 1: Pss. 1-47 -Creation, sin, and redemption are the key themes.- This section was basically written by David and probably assembled by David or Solomon.
Book II: Pss. 42-72 -Israel's ruin and redemption are themes in this book.- Probably compiled during Hezekiah or Josiah's reign.
Book III: Pss. 73-89 - The holiness of Israel's sanctuary is a key theme.- Probably compiled shortly after book 2. It contains eleven by Asaph, some by the sons of Korah, and one by David and Ethan each.
Book IV: Pss. 90-106 -God's sovereign kingdom is a theme in these psalms.- The was probably compiled during the postexilic days when Israel returned to the land under Ezra.
Book V: Pss. 107-150 -the sufficiency of God's Word and universal praise of the Lord are themes in these psalms.- Also, probably compiled during Ezra's time.

Psalm 1 no NT quotes - 6 verses - anon
Importance of following the way of the Lord and delighting in Him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thurs 090618 am Job 35-42

Job 35 Elihu

1-8 Does it help or hurt God when you are good or bad?
9-13 God doesn't listen because of the pride of evil men.
14-16 It is the same with what you are saying.

Job 36 Elihu continues

4-15 God is mighty in understanding and acts with kings according to their transgressions.
15-21 Your attitude stinks.
22-33 God is exalted in power so that none can teach or correct him.

Job 37 Elihu

1-5 the lightening
6-13 the weather
14-20 Do you know how God does things? What can we teach Him?
21-24 We cannot find God. He is clothed with majesty.

Job 38 God

1-11 Where were you when I created everything?
12-18 Tell me how many sunrises you have commanded or if you have seen the gates of death.
19-30 What do you know about where I keep the snow, hail, etc. or where it comes from?
31-38 Can you manage the universe?
39-41 Can you provide for the animals?

Job 39 God wants to know what Job knows about...

1-4 mountain goats
5-12 wild donkeys and oxen
13-18 the ostrich
19-25 war horsed
26-30 the hawks

Job 40

3-5 Job says I will be quiet and listen.
6-14 Adorn yourself with majesty and execute anger on the proud.
15-24 Behold the behemoth

Job 41

1-10 If the Levithan is too great for you, how will you stand before me?
11-34 This is about an animal and I am uncertain what it is.

Job 42

1-6 Job admits his foolish words and repents.]
7-9 Job's three friends told to sacrifice and ask Job to pray for them.
10-17 After Job prayed for his friends, God blessed him double, and he lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wed 090617 pm Job 34

Job 34 Elihu

1-9 Job says it doesn't do any good to delight in God.
10-15 Far be it from God to do wrong. He knows men's paths.
16-21 Men are the work of God's hands and he knows their paths.
22-30 Nobody can hide from God.
31-37 Job doesn't know what he's talking about and sins.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mon 090616 pm Job 32-33

Job 32 Elihu

1-5 Elihu was angry with Job and his three "friends."
6-15 I was hesitant to speak, but none of you gave a good answer to Job.
16-22 I am about to explode with things to say.

Job 33 Elihu

1-8 I am going to say this as one who is before God like you. Show me where I am wrong.
9-13 It is not right for you to say that you are right and God won't answer you.
14-30 God speaks to men and keeps them back from destruction.
31-33 Pay attention.