Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thurs 090618 am Job 35-42

Job 35 Elihu

1-8 Does it help or hurt God when you are good or bad?
9-13 God doesn't listen because of the pride of evil men.
14-16 It is the same with what you are saying.

Job 36 Elihu continues

4-15 God is mighty in understanding and acts with kings according to their transgressions.
15-21 Your attitude stinks.
22-33 God is exalted in power so that none can teach or correct him.

Job 37 Elihu

1-5 the lightening
6-13 the weather
14-20 Do you know how God does things? What can we teach Him?
21-24 We cannot find God. He is clothed with majesty.

Job 38 God

1-11 Where were you when I created everything?
12-18 Tell me how many sunrises you have commanded or if you have seen the gates of death.
19-30 What do you know about where I keep the snow, hail, etc. or where it comes from?
31-38 Can you manage the universe?
39-41 Can you provide for the animals?

Job 39 God wants to know what Job knows about...

1-4 mountain goats
5-12 wild donkeys and oxen
13-18 the ostrich
19-25 war horsed
26-30 the hawks

Job 40

3-5 Job says I will be quiet and listen.
6-14 Adorn yourself with majesty and execute anger on the proud.
15-24 Behold the behemoth

Job 41

1-10 If the Levithan is too great for you, how will you stand before me?
11-34 This is about an animal and I am uncertain what it is.

Job 42

1-6 Job admits his foolish words and repents.]
7-9 Job's three friends told to sacrifice and ask Job to pray for them.
10-17 After Job prayed for his friends, God blessed him double, and he lived happily ever after.

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