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Fri 090619 am Psa Intro and ch 1

Holman Old Testament Commentary Psalms 1-75, Steven J. Lawson

---So Psalm 118.8 is supposed to be the very center verse of the Bible. Which version?
David: One of the greatest kings of Israel and a man that takes up a huge portion of the Scriptures.
Asaph: a priest and worship leader (contemporary of David) Ps. 50, 73-83
sons of Korah: a guild of singers {ss/ 42, 44-49, 84-85, 87
Solomon: David's son and a great king of Israel
Moses: leader of the exodus
Herman: a musician, choir director, etc. 2 Chronicles 5:12; 35:15
Ethan: probably a Levitical singer 1 Chronicles 6:42; 15:17,19
Ezra: a scribe and priest of Israel is thought by some to be the author of some of the 48 anonymous psalms.
Book 1: Pss. 1-47 -Creation, sin, and redemption are the key themes.- This section was basically written by David and probably assembled by David or Solomon.
Book II: Pss. 42-72 -Israel's ruin and redemption are themes in this book.- Probably compiled during Hezekiah or Josiah's reign.
Book III: Pss. 73-89 - The holiness of Israel's sanctuary is a key theme.- Probably compiled shortly after book 2. It contains eleven by Asaph, some by the sons of Korah, and one by David and Ethan each.
Book IV: Pss. 90-106 -God's sovereign kingdom is a theme in these psalms.- The was probably compiled during the postexilic days when Israel returned to the land under Ezra.
Book V: Pss. 107-150 -the sufficiency of God's Word and universal praise of the Lord are themes in these psalms.- Also, probably compiled during Ezra's time.

Psalm 1 no NT quotes - 6 verses - anon
Importance of following the way of the Lord and delighting in Him.

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