Wednesday, December 8, 2010

101208 Micah

Micah 2
2.4  In that day...  It is good to remember that there will be a  "that day".
Micah 3
3. 5  a good description of how fickled we can be toward God.
3.8  with justice and might...  We don't usually think about justice as result of the Spirit's filling.
3.11 for a bribe, for a price,  for money....  What motivates us.  Something to think about in our materialistic society.
Micah 4
4.3  neither shall they learn war anymore...  That is close to inconceivable in our world today.
Micah 5
5.2  a verse the chief priests learned in their version of Awana.
5.3-6   talking about Christ.
Micah 6
6.8  walk humbly...  Jesus seems to paraphrase this a faith in a rebuke to the pharisees in Matthew 23.23
6,16   not a favorite verse of the archeologist crowd  :o).