Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thurs 090528 pm Job 16

Job 16

1-6 You are crummy advisors. What is this were the other way around.
7-14 God has worn me out.
15-22 I need my witness in heaven to argue my case for me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wed 090526 am Acts 7 Psa 31 2Pt2

Acts 7
7.5 promised
7.17 time of promise grew near
7.22 mighty in words and deeds... Now that is a man's man.
7.25 but they did not understand How often do we miss the boat on what God wants to do because we are "thick skulled" and do not understand?
7.34 I ... have heard their groaning...
7.39 in their hearts they returned to Egypt... I that we would keep our hearts out of the fleshpot of Egypt and focused on that promised city whose founder and maker is the Lord.
7.51 I must confess that I do not fully understand why he turned to rebuke them at this point in his sermon.

Chrysostom in Homilies on the Acts of Apostles 17
This is the boldness of speech that belongs to a man who is carrying the cross.
Boldness of speech is success; anger is failure; Therefore, if we should aspire to boldness, we mus be free from anger, in case anyone should attribute our words to anger.

Psalm 31 Written by David and refers to being in a besieged city (v. 21). It is crying out to God for help without strong imprecatory verses. This psalm has some good verses about the Lord delivering and taking refuge in Him.
31.3 rock ... fortress
31.6 I hate
31.14 But... This is a great word after three verses of describing his distress.
31.15 Your times are in my hands. That is a good thought for us to have in mind.
31.19 It is interesting and instructive that those who fear You are the same ones who take refuge in You.

2 Peter 2
2.1 denying the Master Who bought them... That is such a great expression of our Saviors great love, dying to provide salvation for those He knows will reject him.
2.4 angels
2.5 ancient world ... flood
2.6 Sodom and Gomorrah
2.7 righteous Lot rescued
2.12 blaspheming about matters of which they are ignorant... O how quick we are to criticize what we don't understand.
2.14 they entice unsteady souls... That will preach.
2.19 slaves of corruption
2.22 the true proverb... What makes us do that?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tues 090526 pm Acts 12 Job 14-15

Acts 12
12.3 The cold, calculating nature of Herod is breathtaking.
12.9 thought he was seeing a vision... It is amazing how easy it is for us to mix reality with visions even today.
12.12 many were gathered together praying... It is interesting, one, that many were praying. That is probably an infrequent phenomena in today's churches. Two, they had gathered together. I am thinking about the value of praying with other saints.
12.25 he did not give glory to God... God save us from practical atheism.

Job 14 Job
1-6 Men's days have a determined limit and are full of trouble.
7-12 When a man is dead, he is dead.
13-17 I wish I could die and wait for the resurrection.
18-22 You destroy the hope of man.

Job 15 Eliphaz
1-13 You are talking foolishly against God.
14-16 Can man be pure?
17-35 The wicked do not suceed and are punished.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mon 090525 pm Job 9-11

Job 9 Job
1-3 God is too wise to win against.
9-12 God is too powerful to oppose.
13-21 He wins every disagreement.
22-24 God destroys the wicked and blameless.
25-35 I need an arbitrator.

Job 10 Job
1 -2 I will make my complaint.
2-10 You made me and now have destroyed me.
11-17 You have hidden your love.
18-22 Why did you let me be born into such unhappiness.

Job 11 Zophar
1-6 God should enlighten you and show you your sin.
7-12 Are you smart as God?
13-20 If you put your iniquity away, you will be happy.