Monday, May 25, 2009

Mon 090525 pm Job 9-11

Job 9 Job
1-3 God is too wise to win against.
9-12 God is too powerful to oppose.
13-21 He wins every disagreement.
22-24 God destroys the wicked and blameless.
25-35 I need an arbitrator.

Job 10 Job
1 -2 I will make my complaint.
2-10 You made me and now have destroyed me.
11-17 You have hidden your love.
18-22 Why did you let me be born into such unhappiness.

Job 11 Zophar
1-6 God should enlighten you and show you your sin.
7-12 Are you smart as God?
13-20 If you put your iniquity away, you will be happy.

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