Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tues 090526 pm Acts 12 Job 14-15

Acts 12
12.3 The cold, calculating nature of Herod is breathtaking.
12.9 thought he was seeing a vision... It is amazing how easy it is for us to mix reality with visions even today.
12.12 many were gathered together praying... It is interesting, one, that many were praying. That is probably an infrequent phenomena in today's churches. Two, they had gathered together. I am thinking about the value of praying with other saints.
12.25 he did not give glory to God... God save us from practical atheism.

Job 14 Job
1-6 Men's days have a determined limit and are full of trouble.
7-12 When a man is dead, he is dead.
13-17 I wish I could die and wait for the resurrection.
18-22 You destroy the hope of man.

Job 15 Eliphaz
1-13 You are talking foolishly against God.
14-16 Can man be pure?
17-35 The wicked do not suceed and are punished.

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