Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sat 090516 pm Neh 10

Nehemiah 10

10.28 separated themselves from the people of the lands to the Law of their God... This is an interesting phrase. So, they left people to follow the Law of their God. We should separate from people who keep us from serving the Lord. Earlier in Nehemiah they were buying and selling with other people, so it doesn't mean no contact. What is probably in view here is being unequally yoked in a way that makes it difficult to foll0w what the Lord wants us to do.
Obligations of the Covenant
10.31 not intermarry, not buy on the Sabbath
10.32 yearly 1/3 shekel to temple
10.34 priests cast lots to bring wood for sacrifices
10.35 bring first fruits
10.36 bring firstborn sons and cattle
10.37 priest with the Levites when they collect tithes in towns and bring it to the temple

Read the rest of Nehemiah, but don't have time to journal about it.

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