Monday, May 11, 2009

Mon 090511 am Acts 10 & Neh 7-8

Acts 10
10.4 What is is Lord? So, how did he know who the angels was? This is an amazing story of God's grace.
10.7 devout soldier It seems that there was a group of them around Cornelius.
10.10 fell into a trance This is an interesting glimpse into some of the workings of a prophet.
10.17 perplexed You think!?
10.28 I should not call any person common or unclean I am not sure that this is the proper context, but it reminds me to be charitable and engaging with all kinds of sinners.
10.39 went about doing good Great description of the Savior and hopefully of me too.
10.46 speaking tongues and extolling God Not sharing his faith with others, since it seems all present were believers and "extollng God" would not be a normal description of witnessing. The tongues were still tongues, not gibberish, and were a sign to Jews of what God was doing.

Nehemiah 7
7.2 faithful and God-fearing man I like that.
7.5 my God put it into my heart...
7.7-72 These long passages of numbers of people, etc. are a curiosity to me.

Nehemiah 8
8.1 Ezra the scribe
8.2 Ezra the priest
8.5 all the people stood. That is why we like to stand for Scripture reading at TBC, but we limit ours to 20-25 verses at the longest.
8.8 This verse is my preaching purpose statement.
8.9 Ezra the priest and scribe So, in verses 1-3, what was the significance of switching titles between priest and scribe?
8.17 for from the days of Joshua the son of Nun they had not done so It is amazing that they had not celebrated the feast of tabernacles for that long.

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