Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wed 100218 pm Mk 3-5

Mark 3
3.5  with anger, grieved at their hardness... The total lack of compassion and blind opposition to Christ is a warning to us today too.
3.10  all sho had diseases pressed around him...  This is something to remember when all the "needy" people are constantly coming to us.
3.34  does the will of God... 
Mark 4
4.3  Listen...  How simple and profound.
4.9  let him hear...  This is especially pointiant in light of the quote in verse 12.
4.39  to his own disciples he explained...  We are not superior, just blessed.

Mark 5
5.15  in his right mind...  What a sweet thing to be in your right mind.
5.34  your faith has made you... We sometimes think of God as acting arbitrarily, but He works through means.  It is by grace through faith.
5.35  Why trouble the teacher any further?   The situation is never hopeless with Christ.

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