Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sun 100214 pm Ez 14-16

Ezekiel 14
14.3  have taken idols to their hearts, and set stumbling blocks of their iniquity befor their faces...  This a facinating and instructive phrase to think about.  Idols to their hearts gives a sense of the modern danger of this sin.
14.6  repent and turn away...  It is interesting that these two are separated.
14.11  defile themselves ... with all their transgression...  It is instructive to think of how our sins sully and hurt us.

Ezekiel 15
15.7  My face against them... 
Ezekiel 16
16.30 How sick is your heart? 
16.31  you scorned payment...  They didn't even need the payment for their sins.  They did them willingly.  :o(

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