Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tues 100316 pm Luke 4-5

Luke 4
4.4, 8, & 12  Who even memorizes verses in Deuteronomy anymore?
4.13  until an opportune time...  That sounds ominous and is a reminder that Satan is always stalking and looking for opportune times to come and temp. It is my intention to give him as few as possible.
4.32  for his word possessed authority....   and still does today.

Luke 5
5.5 But at your word I will...  This is a great example of obedience to the Lord that we would do well to follow (and we might experience similar results).
5.8  for I am a sinful man... This is a typical response when people really see God.
5.12  if You will you can ... "I will, be clean."  What a sweet response by the Savior.  
5.16 withdraw to desolate places to pray...
5.23  I love this response.  I would have love to have seen the expression of the pharisee's faces when that man got up and walked away.
5.28 leaving everything...  in contrast to the rich young ruler.

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