Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sat 100320 pm Ex 15-21

Exodus 15
15. holiness...deeds...wonders...
15.16  have purchased...  Nobody was really paid in the sense that the Lord bought them from Pharaoh.  This is an interesting word.
15.24  grumbled...  Verse 21 ended the song of praise and three verses later the grumbling starts.  It doesn't take long to go from glorifying to grumbling.
Exodus 16
16.2  grumbled against Moses and Aaron...  goes on and on
16.7  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.8  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.9  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.11  grumbling...  goes on and on
16.15  What is it?   
16.36  tenth part of an ephah...  I wonder why the writer needed to 
Exodus 17
17.3  grumbled against Moses...
17.7 Massah  Strong's H4532 - Maccah  mas·sä':  temptation, trials
Meribah  Strong's H4809 - Mĕriybah  mer·ē·vä' :  strife or contention
17.7  They tested the Lord.
Exodus 18
18.18  wear yourselves out...  
18.21 men who 1. fear God, 2. are trustworthy, 3. hate a bribe  It is curious that it adds "hate a bribe".  It seems to be redundant, but maybe it is just that important.
Exodus 19
19.4  brought you to myself...  Sounds a lot like "you did not choose me, but I chose you" John 15.16 & 19.
19.6  kingdom of priests and a holy nation...  Sounds similar to 1 Peter 2.9
19.15  do not go near a woman...  This is a very interesting prohibition in light of Hebrews 13.4.
Exodus 20
20.2  your God who brought you...  They were obligated by his relationship and by what He had done for them.  From slave
20.20  that the fear of the Lord may be before you...  Not quite "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life."  :o)
Exodus 21
21.2  Hebrew slave...  Nationality seems to have been a issue in most of these slave rules.
21.7 When a man sells his daughter...  What's with that!?  It seems strange to from my American perspective.  "Verses 7-11 describe a girl whom her father sells as a servant (Heb. 'amah, v. 7) for marriage, not for slavery. (Kaiser, "Exodus," p. 430.) In such a case the girl would become the servant of the father of her husband-to-be who would than give her to his son as his wife."   ---
21.22-23  a child come for life...  The unborn was counted as its own person.
21.28 But if the ox has been accustomed to gore in the past...  More responsibility when the owner should have anticipated the danger.

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