Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fri/Sat 100320 Luke 9-12

Luke 9
9.30 spoke of His departure... Moses and Elijah on the surreal setting of the Mt. of Transfiguration were still searching "what person or time the Spirit of Christ in them was predicting when he predicted the sufferings of Christ..."  It must have been an incredible conversation.  It also offers a glimpse into what will interest us in heaven.
9.33  not knowing what he said...  Where is Job 40.3-5 when we need it?
9.43  at the majesty of God...  I find this a thought provoking response to a demon being cast out.  Sometime I out to study Trench's discussion at
9.45  it was concealed form them...  The sanctimonious way that we badmouth the apostles (or promote them to some divine-like status) is sad.  I remember hearing a testimony from a saint who said that they had attended a certain church for several years as an unbeliever and never heard the gospel.  I knew the church and was confident that the gospel was preached regularly. God has to open the heart, so we should be careful about getting "high and mighty" about God's grace shown to us.
Luke 10
10.2 so true
10.13  would have repented long ago...
10.20  but rejoice that your names are written in heaven...  A compass reset to think about.  Not our authority, but our salvation.
10.21  He rejoiced in the Holy Spirit...  I thinking through God the Son rejoicing in the third member of the Trinity.  Hmmmm.
10.28  You have answered correctly...  Keeping the law perfectly is the standard to get to heaven.
10.29  desiring to justify himself...  This is our tendency to bend the standard so that we can make it.
10.40  distracted...  Substituting the good for the best is a besetting problem.
Luke 11
11.8  his impudence...  That is our problem.  We don't have much impudence.
11.13  Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!
11.28  hear the Word and keep it...
11.31  something greater... Christ is greater.
11.42  without neglecting the other...  It is not the diligence in keeping the details of the law, but the neglecting of the spirit of the law and the heart of God that was the problem with the pharisees.
Luke 12
12.6-7  fear him...  This seems to be much more that awe or reverence.
12.21  rich toward God...  Now that will preach.
12.34  where your treasure is...  I liked Dr. Barnett's frequent admonition to send our money on ahead to heaven.
12.50  how great is my distress...  These verses about Christ's distress, agony, etc.  are very intriguing to me.  Not in the sense the shake my view of Christ, but for the insight they add to the Christian walk and temperament.

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