Sunday, September 26, 2010

100924 1 Kings 4-5

1 Kings 4
4.23, 26-27 I wonder why she told her husband and Gehazi "all is well" and why the Lord hid it from Elijah.
4.35  sneezed seven times...  an odd detail
4  Three odd miracles.  Thinking about the context.
1 Kings 5   Luke 4.23-30
5.8  It is kind of interesting that Elijah had such close connection to the palace.
5.19 Go in peace.   I find this facinating that Elisha to Naaman that he could go into the temple with the king, go through the motions of official worship to Rimmon, and still be a true worshiper of Jehovah.  I wonder what implications this has for people in India, and other places where religion is part of ruling.
5.20  spared this Naamon the Syrian...  I have to laugh at such a hateful and spiteful attitude and most of all that he would act on it.
5.26  Was it a time for...   This captures the heart of 1 Peter 2.24c.

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