Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tues 090623 pm Psa 6-8

Psalm 6 David 10vs. ----?
Don't rebuke me in your anger. I am upset. Depart from me enemies. The Lord has heard me.
6.5 This OT concept puzzels me.

Psalm 7 David 17vs. ------??
David asserts his righteousness and calls on God to arise. Awake and punish the wicked who he describes.
7.4 plundered my enemy without cause That raises the question of what is "cause?" Is this a national or personal issue.
7.6 Arise... I find this an interesting "metaphor." It reminds me of a dad saying, "Do I have to et up and come over there?" or "Do you want me to stop the car."
7.7 it What is "it?"
7.8 Judge me according to my righteousness I don't think I would ever pray this, but David is not alone (among Bible characters) in this assertion.
7.10 "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
7.15 falls into the hole he has made It would be interesting to know the specific cultural/historical background here. Be careful about digging holes.

Psalm 8 David 8v. v.4-6--Heb. 2.6-8
General praise psalm
8.1 Kieth Green song
8.4-6 Seems to refer to men, but used of Christ in Hebrews and dominion seemed to be in a stronger sense in Hebrew.

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