Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sat 090829 pm Psa 89-90

Psalm 89 Ethan the Exrahite; 52 vrs.; --??

89.10 Rahab a poetical name applied to Egypt in Ps. 87:4; 89:10; Isa. 51:9, as “the proud one”
Most of this psalm was spent praising God for his faithful protection. Then in verse 38 Ethan turns to complain


Psalm 90 Moses; 17 vrs.; 90.4--2 Peter 3.8

90.4 This verse is a great explanation or illustration of God's eternity.
90.11 Who considers... We should give some thought to this.
90.12 Teach us... Another verse that exhorts us to be thoughtful about our lives.

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