Saturday, September 19, 2009

Psalm 121 Song of Ascents; 8 vrs.; --??
Looking to the Lord for help.
121.2 the Lord who made heaven and earth... I think He can handle it.
121.3 will not slumber... I remember the old quote, "Go to sleep. There's no use both of you staying up to worry about it."

Psalm 122 Song of Ascents/David; 9 vrs.; --??
Peace in Jerusalem sought.
122.1 Great expression of joy at going to, in the NT era, church.
122.6&8 references to peace of or within Jerusalem.

Psalm 123 Song of Ascents;4 vrs.; --??
Plea for relief from scorn and contempt of the proud.

Psalm 124 Song of Ascents/David;8 vrs.; --??
If the Lord had not been on our side.
124.8 Help is in the name of the Lord. I find this an interesting expression. "In the name of the Lord" rather that the simpler "in the Lord."

Psalm 125 Song of Ascents;5 vrs.; --??
Those who trust in the Lord.
125.2 Neat picture of the Lord's care for us.
125.5 crooked ways... I had a new appreciation for this as I enjoyed the simplicity of driving on the arrow straight road from Boise east through the Oklahoma panhandle.

Psalm 126 Song of Ascents;6 vrs.; --??
Images of renewal.
126.6 A classic soul winning verse.

Psalm 127 Song of Ascents/Solomon;5 vrs.; --??
comp. 1 Cor. 3.9 ff
127.1 and Solomon had some house building (and falling apart) experience.
127.1 unless the Lord... This is something that all our preparation, experience, talent, etc... makes us forget too often.
127.4-5 The children are like arrows verses. A tight family is a formidable thing as the children get older.

Psalm 128 Song of Ascents;6 vrs.; --??
Blessings of a family who fears the Lord.
128.1&4 fears the Lord...
128.6 see your children's children... Something to be admired and enjoyed.

Psalm 129 Song of Ascents;8 vrs.; --??
Imprecatory thoughts on the wicked who afflict me.
129.2 and yet they have not prevailed...

Psalm 130 Song of Ascents8 vrs.; --??
The mercy and forgiveness of the Lord.
130.3 If you, O Lord, should mark my iniquities... Acknowledges that I have sins (implied that nobody else knows about). Acknowledges that the Lord knows all and that even the most pious stand condemned and hopeless before God. Implies that the Lord is our last and best friend. If he should turn against us, then all is lost.
130.4 forgiveness ... that you may be feared... Thought provoking and delightful connection between God's goodness and the fear of Him.
130.5-6 wait for and hope for the Lord
130.7 steadfast love (or compassions)

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