Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thurs 090924 pm Psa 139-146

Psalm 139 Anon.; 24 vrs.; --??
General and wide ranging praise.
139.6 too wonderful for me...
139.7-8 Questions that fit with verse 6 and are good affirmations of the infinity of God.14
139.14 fearfully and wonderfully made...
139.21 hate them who hate you...
139.23-24 Great prayer!

Psalm 140 David; 13 vrs.; 140.3--Romans 3.13
Prayer for deliverance from enemies.
140.11 Let evil hunt down the violent man... Be sure your sins will find you out.
140.12 execute justice for the needy... Justice for the needy is often a rare thing.

Psalm 141 Anon.; 10 vrs.; --??
A wise prayer.
141.3 Set a guard... This will be a good prayer to add to Job 40.3-5
141.4 let me not eat of their [the wicked] delicacies! The perks of running with the wrong crowd can be tempting.
141.5 let not my head refuse it... We are too quick to blow off wise counsel that hurts.

Psalm 142 David; 7 vrs.; --??
The Lord as our helper and deliverer.
142.3 When my spirit faints... It is good to know that when we are down, the Lord is with us.

Psalm 143 David; 12 vrs.; 143.2--Romans 3.20

143.2 This is a good verse for showing all are sinners.
143.10 Your good Spirit... The Spirit is usually described as holy, so this is an interesting title.

Psalm 144 David; 15 vrs.; --??

144.3 Who is man that you regard Him...

Psalm 145 David; 21 vrs.; --??

145.8 The Lord is...

Psalm 146 Anon.; 10 vrs.; 146.6--Acts 4.24; 14.15

146.3 Put not your trust in princes...

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