Friday, October 23, 2009

Fri 091023 pm Heb 8-9

Hebrews 8
8.2 the true tent (tabernacle)... and 8.5 a copy and shadow of the heavenly things... This is a reminder that we are not just making this up as we go, but should be modeling our lives, etc... on the perfect pattern in heaven.

Hebrews 9
9.1 Now even... seems to imply that the current covenant would most certainly have regulations.
9.7 unintentional sins... You mean there are even more sins than the ones I know about? Uhg!! :o)
9.9 perfect the conscience...
9.10 the time of reformation...
9.12 once... It is finished.
9.23 Good comment in the Commentary of the NT use of the OT
9.28 those who are eagerly waiting for Him... That's the crowd I want to be in. It seems like the saints who are dieing now have a stronger sense of that than I do.

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