Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tues 091013 pm Isa 35-37

Isaiah 35
35.4 those who have an anxious heart ... be strong. Two things. First, some people have anxious hearts. Second, the solution sounds obvious and unhelpful untill we reflect on the nature and aquisition of spiritual strength.
35.8 the Way of Holiness... Holy in the sense it is free from the unclean.
Isaiah 36
36.17 until I come and take you away... What a sorry consolation the enemy offers.
Isaiah 37
37.4 It may be that the Lord your God will hear... I am curious about the expression "your" God when King Hezekiah obviously trusted in God too.
37.4 It is also instructive with the way he appeals to God's sense of honor and jealousy for His reputation.
37.I planned what I now bring to pass... God's soveriegnty and fulfilled prophecy are evidences God gives for himself. God is the God of history.
37.32 zeal of the Lord of hosts...

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