Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sun 100103 pm Jer 31-32

Jeremiah 31
31.3  everlasting love ... faithfulness  These two terms placed comparison provide good material for meditation.
31.15  Prophecy about Herod killing babies in Bethlehem.  It would be interesting to study up how that fits into the context of this passage.
31.19  struck my thigh...  Slapping one's thigh, an onomatopoeic expression in Hebrew, was a common expression of remorse, horror, and terror in ancient Near Eastern culture (cf. Ezek. 21:12). (See Pritchard, ed., p. 108; Keil, 2:26.)  --Dr. Thomas L. Constable's Expository Notes on Ezra
31.31-34  This section is on the New Covenant.  Also see Hebrews viii.8-12.
Jeremiah 32
32.9  so I bought the field...  Concrete demonstration of faith that God would do what he said.
32.17-25  This is a great prayer.  A review of God's attributes and actions followed by a question.  I suspect we would often be better off asking a question rather than making a request.
32.26  Is anything too hard for Me?  This is often the question of the day that we wrestle with and need the faith to answer correctly.
32.39  fear Me forever for their own good...  

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