Monday, February 8, 2010

mon 100208 am Ez 4-5

Ezekiel 4
4.1 This graphic object lesson gets me to thinking how I present teaching and messages.  A couple weeks ago, I spent a long time looking for the right pictures for a lesson that seemed to pay good dividends in helping people understand and appreciate a truth.
4.5 390... a curious number

Ezekiel 5
5.6  more than the nations...  It is tragic when God's people are worse than the world.
5.8  I, even I, am against you...  I am not sure whether this is in the sense of the biggest, badest possible is against you or your last hope and friend has finally turned against you.  Either way (both are probably true) it is not a good thing for Israel.
5.15  a horror... It would be interesting th chase down the word and connotation used here.
5.13  know that I AM the LORD...
5.15  AM the LORD, I have spoken...
5.17  AM the LORD, I have spoke...
I would understand the name of God, AM the LORD, to mean "and I really mean business. You can count on it."

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