Friday, June 18, 2010

100618 Romans1-4

Romans 1
1.24 God gave them up...  It is noteworthy how many times God punishes us by just leaving us to our own devices.
1.26-27  I don't understand how someone can read this and say with a straight face that Sodomy is not a serious sin.
Romans 2
2.5  storing up wrath...  So, Dickens wasn't to far off with the picture of Marley with all his weights and chains he forged in his life.  Just needed a pot of wrath he filled instead.
2.22  rob temples...  Hmmm... I'm thinking about that one.
2.24  So true today too.
Romans 3
3.10-18  I wonder why we never sing this one.  :o)
Romans 4
4.20  but he grew strong in faith as he gave glory to God...  This would be a good phrase to check up on sometime.

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