Wednesday, June 23, 2010

100622 Judges 5-6

Judges 5
5.12 This seems to start the part that Barak might have sang.
5.16-23  Interesting how the song trashes the tribes that didn't come help.
5.23 Meroz... a plain in the north of Palestine, the inhabitants of which were severely condemned because they came not to help Barak against Sisera (Judg. 5:23: compare 21:8-10; 1 Sam. 11:7)
5.24  I don't think I have ever seen a girl named Jael.
5.30  a womb or two for every man...  This is a curious expression.
Judges 6
6.20  the angel of God...  instead the the angel of the Lord elsewhere in this passage.
6.24  The Lord is Peace...  an interesting response to the Lord not killing him for seeing the angel of the Lord.
6.27  because he was afraid...  When you can do what you should, do what you can.
6.31  will you content for Baal...  I have this thought about all the fatawahs against people to supposedly blaspheme Mohamed.

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